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Following the success of the singles “Raise the Skies” and “Burn Bright”, Kill Shelter & Antipole have just released their new album entitled A Haunted Place on Manic Depression Records.

Kill Shelter (UK) & Antipole (Norway) have collaborated on an eight-track album that explores the personal themes of loss, addiction, isolation, remorse and the fragility of human existence. As demonstrated in the singles, the album manages to fuse euphoria and melancholy in perfect unison, creating a heady mix of driving melodies with moments of dark introspection.

“This is definitely my most personal work to date. The lyrical sentiment is straight from the heart and comes from a very personal place, even more so when I took the decision to do the vocals on the album myself. Musically A Haunted Place is full of light and shade and those contrasts play out across the entire album from start to finish. In some ways it’s a very complete work and I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to it to date.”
- Pete Burns, Kill Shelter

“I definitely think this work celebrates the individual styles of both artists and yet manages to create something very different in the process. Across the album you really get a chance to see how well our guitar styles compliment each other and it’s that interplay that makes the album special for me. We talked a lot about this album being a journey for both of us and it certainly has been and I look forward to seeing where it takes us… “
- Karl Morten Dahl, Antipole

A Haunted place is available now on Vinyl, CD and Digital Download via Manic Depression Records and the artists’ Bandcamp pages.

All limited edition variants sold out within a few days of the pre-order starting on the 12th February. More stock was ordered and is now available.

A Haunted Place 

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Raise the Skies - Kill Shelter & Antipole

Burn Bright - Kill Shelter & Antipole

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