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A Wish for the Dead

This is the official website of UK based Darkwave artist, producer and remixer Kill Shelter.

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AltPress: Top Ten Rising Goth and Darkwave bands have included Kill Shelter along with Twin Tribes, Creux Lies and more... Read feature on AltPress

The Kill Shelter remix of Spectre (Love is Dead) by Christian Death is out now on Cleopatra Records.

Burn Bright is the second single taken from the new album “A Haunted Place”. The video was premiered on Yami Spechie's YouTube channel on 12th March 2021.

Raise the Skies is the first single taken from the forthcoming album “A Haunted Place” by Kill Shelter and Antipole and will be released on the 26th March on Vinyl and CD via Manic Depression Records.

The pre-order started on the 12th February and all the limited edition vinyl sold out in just two days. There are some limited edition CDs available while stocks land new vinyl stock has been added here:

Read about the release here:

Raise the Skies - New Single release
Premiered by Sonic Seducer, the first single taken from A Haunted Place can be seen here.

A Haunted Place - Kill Shelter & Antipole
A new full length collaboration album with Antipole will be released on 26th March on Manic Depression Records.

She Past Away - Soluk [ Kill Shelter Remix ]
Celebrating 10 years of She Past Away, “X” features 22 unique mixes, versions and remixes by influential acts and emerging artists on the current dark-wave and post-punk scene. The release includes the Kill Shelter remix of "Soluk".

Night Nail
There are several projects going through the Kill Shelter studios at the moment. Mixing and Mastering complete on the co-produced Night Nail album and that is due to be released in October. For more information on Night Nail - check out their Facebook page.

Collaboration Album

The next full length release will be a collaboration album. This work has been in progress since the end of 2019 and should hopefully see the light of day this year. Over 90% of the tracks are finished at the time of writing. See latest news.

Second Album

Writing for the follow up to the "Damage" started back in 2018. The album has been a little more complicated than the last however some of the tracks are now beginning to take shape. All going to plan, the album should be finished by the end of the year.

Goth / Postpunk Revival Interview
An interview with Pete Burns. What has the sound of the past decade sounded like?
Read the interview here

Goth / Postpunk Revival Interview
Ten Questions to... Kill Shelter.
Read the full interview here

A Haunted Place  Listen to Kill Shelter on Spotify

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A Haunted Place
Vinyl and CD Release on Manic Depression Records: Pre-order while stocks last

CD Release on Unknown Pleasures Records: Sold Out
Vinyl Release on Manic Depression Records: White Vinyl

In Decay ft Antipole & Delphine Coma
Bodies ft Buzz Kull
7" Single Vinyl Release on Burning World Records: White, Oxblood and Clear Vinyl


undertheskin - End This Summer (Kill Shelter Remix)
She Past Away - Soluk (Kill Shelter Remix)
Agent Side Grinder - Into the Wild (Kill Shelter Remix)
Silent Runners - Cavemen (Kill Shelter Remix)
The Shyness of Strangers - Serpent River (Kill Shelter Remix)
Antipole - Narcissus ft Paris Alexander (Kill Shelter Remix)
Antipole - All Alone ft Paris Alexander (Kill Shelter Remix)
Undertheskin - \\Fall\\ - (Kill Shelter Remix)
Selfishshadows - No Time (Kill Shelter Remix)
Adan & Ilse - By the Way (Kill Shelter Remix)
Adan & Ilse - Bleeding for You (Kill Shelter Remix)
Warsaw Pact - Day by Day (Antipole & Kill Shelter Remix)

Free Downloads

The Legendary Pink Dots - Glasshouse Parts 1 & 2 [ Kill Shelter Cover ]


Burn Bright - Kill Shelter & Antipole

Raise the Skies - Kill Shelter & Antipole

Bodies ft Buzz Kull [ Official Video ]

She Past Away - Soluk [ Kill Shelter Remix ]

Glasshouse Parts 1 & 2 Cover

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiO0QMb5OG0ziooId457vpg

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1hl06hvbtecgkhML5iVf5B?si=Y34-CzsxRv-xpOzyJit7fQ



You can contact Kill Shelter at killshelterofficial at gmail.com

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